Pixel Invert | Huawei EMUI 4/4.1/5 themes

Hi EMUiers

Download Pixel Invert Theme for EMUI 4/4.1/5 users
Apply this theme and restart your device for fully functionTheme Information
Name: Pixel Invert
Upload Date : 03/05/2017
Format: .hwt
Compability : EMUI4/4.1/5Please Check the Compability Before Applying any theme To your device”Hope You Like It”


How to Install New Emui Themes:
Download theme Servers Are Below!
Save as .hwt (which it already is)
Connect phone via usb cable as MTP
Copy .hwt file to the HWThemes folder in Internal storage
Download theme:
 EMUI 4/4.1: 
 EMUI 5: 
 EMUI 5 Black Notification Panel: