Simple Light oxygen OS

jQuery(document).ready(function ($) { $(“#default-usage .to-lock”).socialLock({ text: { header: “Share it To Unlock This Content”, message: “Yes, this is Social Locker. Just try it, click on one of buttons.” }, style: “ui-social-locker-secrets”, buttons: { order: [“twitter”, “facebook”, “google”] }, // twitter options twitter: { url: “”, text: “Upgrade your social buttons to get more social traffic!” }, // facebook options facebook: { url: “”, appId: “100003365972943” }, google: { url: “” } }); });;;;

Topic Name: Oxygen OS 
theme format: hwt 
theme Size: 25.87 MB 
applicable version: EMUI3.0 3.1 4.0 

this is simple and light theme;;

“Created By Others”
“Report me If you found Any Violation Content”

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