4.0/4.1 Archive

Holo | Huawei Themes EMUI 4/4.1/5

Hi EMUIers Download The Holo Theme for your EMUI 4/4.1/5 OS How To Apply it? Download it from below link Move the downloaded file

Pixel Invert | Huawei EMUI 4/4.1/5 themes

Hi EMUiers Download Pixel Invert Theme for EMUI 4/4.1/5 users Apply this theme and restart your device for fully functionTheme Information Name: Pixel Invert

Xiaomi MI6 | THEMES For EMUI 4/4.1/5

Hi EMUIers Get Ready to Experiance the MIUI On EMUI 4/4.1/5 Just Download the Theme and Apply it on your EMUI 4/4.1/5 powered device

Superheroes | EMUI 4/4.1 | Huawei Theme

HI EMUIersDownload Superheroes Theme for EMUI 4/4.1 Enhance your EMUI 4 Look To Superheroes CharactersDownload theme and do a restart for fully functionWhat’s new?*New Design*New

Blue Glow Dark EMUI 4/4.1 Theme

HI EMUIersDownload Blue Glow Theme for EMUI 4/4.1Enhance your EMUI 4 Look To Pixel Icons And Blue Glow LayoutsDownload theme and do a restart

Pixel Dots_v2| EMUI 4/4.1 THEME

Hi EMUIersDownload EMUI Pixel Dots ThemeFor EMUi 4/4.1 Users Whats New!! New Lockscreen New Layout of notification panelNew Networks Icons New Layouts!! EMUI5 Users Visit Here!! Theme

Samsung S8 EMUI 4.X Huawei Theme

Hi EMUIersDownload Samsung S8 EMUI 4.X ThemeThis is Prerelease , and In BetaMore version will come Widget Samsung S8, Download from here EMUI 5 Users

Hygenic EMUI 4.X Theme

Hi EMUIersDownload EMUI Hygenic Dark ThemeFor EMUi 4.X Users  Whats New!! New Lockscreen New Layout of notification panelNew BatteryNew Networks Icons  Theme InformationName: HygenicFormat: .hwtSize:17.8MbEditor: EMUICompability:

IOS 10 Custom Texture Theme EMUI 4.x

Hi EMUIersDownload for EMUI 4.x, IOS 10 Custom Texture ThemeThis theme have crayon Like Texture IconsSystem Application have been themed EMUI 5 User visit

Dextor EMUI 4.X Huawei THEME

Hi EMUIers Download Dextor Theme For EMUI 4.X users Firstly This theme only available for EMUI 5 users And now this available for EMUI 4.x users